The mission of NASA United FC is to provide a unique opportunity for youth to participate in a professional soccer environment. Through the efforts of a hard working professional staff, an increasing number of children have the opportunity to enjoy the thrill of athletic competition while building character and self-esteem. The club’s goal is to continue to grow as an organization, provide more services and to attract more players. NASA United FC is committed to the development of the children, both members and non-members, and hopes to build a stronger community through soccer and its related activities. The club offers various programs and accepts all children who wish to participate in the sport of soccer.

The NASA United training objective is to focus on the highest quality of instruction and development.

  • This training model is based on a highly technical, ball possession style of soccer.
  • The club will promote an attractive and creative style of attacking soccer.

Players will be encouraged to participate on higher level teams such as state, regional, collegiate, national and/or professional teams. NASA will also assist players in transferring their soccer talents into possible college scholarships, US national team and/or professional team recognition. The goal will be to become a leader in youth soccer in NJ and throughout the northeast region.