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Rafael "Cholo" Castillo, Director of Youth Soccer Operations for Alianza Lima, with Kenny Callegari of NASA United at Alianza Lima's training facility, "Villa Blanquiazul Sports Complex".

Lalo Archimbaud, Director of Publications for Alianza Lima, with Kenny Callegari in the press room at Alianza Lima's Alejandro Villanueva Stadium.

Lalo Archimbaud prior to an Alianza Lima press conference.

Photo taken in the Pedro Pablo "Perico" Leon section of Alejandro Villanueva Stadium. This wing was dedicated in 2005 in honor of the greatest forward in Peruvian soccer history. See individual photo of Perico Leon and another photo of Perico with Victor "Pitin" Zegarra and Julio Baylon during their legendary playing days.

Large mural of the Alianza Lima team whose plane tragically crashed in 1987. Painting is located near the entrance of Alejandro Villanueva Stadium.

Alejandro Villanueva Stadium (El Matute) - Home of Alianza Lima


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