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NASA in your school is a concept created to introduce the sport of soccer directly to students in local school districts. The vision behind this outreach program is to bring top quality youth soccer training to schools in neighborhoods throughout Northern NJ. Our soccer specific Lesson Plan will give students the basic knowledge and understanding needed to excel on the soccer field. The NASA training curriculum will teach and reinforce proper form in the most important aspects of the game including dribbling, passing and shooting. 

The training model is geared to accommodate players in every grade level so that the youngest players are learning at a different rate of speed than the older students. Each phase of the game will be broken down for an easy-to-learn system for students of all skill levels. This co-ed program is offered to boys and girls in grades Pre-K - 8. Players will be grouped into 2 grade levels each (PreK-K, 1st-2nd, etc...) and, depending on higher enrollments, may be reduced to one grade level only (K, 1st, 2nd, etc...). Each group will have a trainer/player ratio of 1:12 or less.

Our goal with this program is for every student to become Advanced Proficient in overall soccer performance.

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Grades Winter Season #1
Indoor (Dec-Jan)
Winter Season #2
Indoor (Feb-Mar)
Spring Season
Outdoor (Apr-Jun)
Fall Season
Outdoor (Sept-Nov)
Pre-K - K 6 sessions 6 sessions 16 sessions 16 sessions
1st - 2nd 6 sessions 6 sessions 16 sessions 16 sessions
3rd - 4th 6 sessions 6 sessions 16 sessions 16 sessions
5th - 6th 6 sessions 6 sessions 16 sessions 16 sessions
7th - 8th 6 sessions 6 sessions 16 sessions 16 sessions


Winter Season
(Indoor Training)
$45 per season
* 6 sessions
- Free NASA training t-shirt
Spring & Fall Seasons
(Outdoor League)
$125 per season
* 16 sessions
- Free high quality uniform (jersey & shorts)
- Free NASA training t-shirt

Training sessions will focus on the following:
- Step-By-Step Training Curriculum
- Dribbling
- Passing
- Footwork Skills
- Improve Overall Skill Level


PS 27 Winter Dec - March
Academy of St Francis Winter
Dec - March
April - June
Anthony Wayne MS Winter
Dec - March
April - June

Players should bring the following to all training sessions:
* NASA training t-shirt
* Soccer ball
* Indoor/outdoor soccer shoes
* Shin guards
* Water

All players will be evaluated by our professional staff. Advanced players will be invited to participate on one of the NASA United select teams.


  • All players must be students at the participating school.
  • Training sessions are conducted after school on weekdays from 3:30pm - 9:30pm.
  • Participating school is responsible for supplying a gym or an outdoor field for training sessions.
  • Registration forms and payment are to be returned to the school office.
  • Practices start on time, students should arrive 15 minutes early.
  • Players must be picked-up at the end of each training session (no after school care).
  • In case of a cancelation due to inclement weather, an email notification will be sent prior to the start of practice.
  • NASA reserves the right to expel any disruptive players. No refund will be given if a player is expelled.



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