Travel Team Costs

NASA United FC

Travel Team Cost
(Upcoming 2017-2018 Season)

Annual Fee

U07 Boys 2011 - $1550  (EDP)
U08 Boys 2010 - $1550  (EDP)
U09 Boys 2009 - $1750  (EDP)
U10 Boys 2008 - $1750  (EDP)
U11 Boys 2007 - $1950  (EDP)
U12 Boys 2006 - $1950  (EDP)
U13 Boys 2005 - $1950  (EDP)
U14 Boys 2004 - $2350  (EDP)
U15 Boys 2003 - $2350  (EDP)
U16 Boys 2002 - $1450  (EDP)
U17 Boys 2001 - $1450  (EDP)
U18 Boys 2000 - $1450  (EDP)
Registration Includes

All league games for Fall & Spring seasons
1 high level tournament
NJYS sate cup games for U12 and over teams
US Club NJ Cup games for U12 and over teams
Outdoor training - 3-4 days per week
Indoor training - 2 days per week
Goalkeeper training - 2 days per week
2 trainers per team
Official training t-shirts
Player evaluations
Player registration (NJYS, US Club, League & Tournament)
Referee fees
Secondary insurance
State of the art outdoor lighted turf fields
Indoor turf fields
Team/Club expenses

Travel Season Fall Season - 13 weeks 
Winter Season - 13 weeks 
Spring Season - 13 weeks
League Game Schedule Fall Season (8-10 games)
Spring Season (8-10 games)
High Level Tournament September, October, March or May (1 tournament included)
NJYS State Cup U12 and over teams
US Club NJ Cup U12 and over teams
Training Schedule - Outdoor 3-4 days per week (60-90 minutes) - Fall & Spring
Training Schedule - Indoor 2 days per week (60 minutes) - Winter
Goalkeeper Training 2 days per week (60 minutes) - Fall & Spring
Player Evaluations 1 player evaluation
NASA Programs Receive 30%-40% discount on all NASA programs
(Spring, Summer, Camps, Fall & Winter)
Uniforms / Warm Ups Not Included
Indoor Tournaments Not Included
Summer /Winter Select Not Included


  NASA United FC Town Team For-Profit Club
Annual Fee $1450 - $2350 $500-$800 $2200-$3900
Professional Trainers included not included, additional fee required included
Goalkeeper Trainer included not included, additional
fee required
not included, additional fee
Pre-Season Training included not included not included
Competition high low - mid level high
Player development high poor good
Player turnover rate Low:
professional staff works to develop all players on roster
town rules apply, must keep players on roster
tryouts held multiple times every year
Restrictions none residency restrictions cannot play on other teams
Year-round programs high none high
NJ State Championships 3 State Cups none have won more titles than NASA only a few clubs have won as many titles as NASA
Club or Academy? Club
town youth soccer program
Many advertise as Academy clubs; however, the US Soccer Federation only recognizes 4 Academies in NJ (Red Bulls, PDA, Matchfit & NJSA).
What is the difference?  Academies are free & For-Profit clubs charge higher fees.

Best value;
excellent player development, professional staff, high level competition with elite player pool and all year training programs.

Multiple State Championships further validates the success of the NASA system.

Good value;
good for recreation level players, development and training not a priority, low-level competition, lack of player commitment, low turnover rate.




high cost not reflected in training or player development, staff too focused on rankings and tournaments, good player pool but high turnover rate
NOTE: NJ only has 4 Soccer Academies: Red Bulls, PDA, Matchfit & NJSA.


Players interested in joining one of the Traveling Teams can send us an email for a schedule of upcoming Tryouts or team practices. All interested players must register for all Tryouts.